Grad Life

Saying No to Adulthood

I currently finishing up a degree in product design, and for the first time in my life I don’t don’t know what comes next. 8 years of primary school, 6 years of secondary, 4 years of college… and there my life plan ends.

I possess neither the money nor the class required to take up my preferred career path as an it girl. What I do have is sarcasm, exceptional taste and a reasonable command of the English language. My cruel parents have informed me that I cannot swan around living parasitically off them forever, so I decided to take the tiniest step I could think of and start a blog. Unreasonable as they are I will probably have to get some kind of job anyway.

This is my life-quest to become a full time “swan around-er” (told you I was good at English). I intend to finance this quest through design and illustration work. If you would like anything designed or illustrated, let me know.

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