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I started my #fypcountdown project on Instagram back in February as a way of motivating myself to no more zero days on the work front. It didn’t entirely work but it has given me a pretty decent recording of what I did for the 100 days from 17/02 to 27/05/15. Not to mention provided me with the precious social media likes on which I base my worth as a human being. Today it ended.

Through the good days and the really, really bad ones #fypcountdown was a way of showing people outside of the PD bubble what the hell it is I do everyday. Which was nice when for the first three years of my degree it was all: “Why are you digging through the recycling?” “Why do you carry so many knives?” “Is that a creepshot of some guy buying coffee?” “Where are you going with all that glue?” “What did you break [disassemble, I disassemble things] NOW?” And they don’t even know about the weirder stuff that happened in studio, and they never will. What happens in studio stays in studio.

I kinda wanna start a new hashtag project, suggestions?

The full 100 days are on my Instagram (link in the side menu)

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