Since I didn’t really live at home 10 months of the year, my room here made the jump from liveable to storage container pretty quickly. My plan to work independently from home until a job drops from the sky is currently hindered by the fact that what used to be my desk is not an unstable pile of everything, and yet nothing. The people from Pawn Stars would probably spent big money on my room. They’d also lose big.

Reclaiming the desk and space around it is forcing me to face the harsh reality of getting rid of some of my precious, precious stuff. This is hard for me, and has led to much internal argument. You never know when you’ll need small cut-offs of modelling foam.  What if my other two black cardigans are in the wash? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY SHOES!

A decent workspace, for me, is going to require quite a lot of space, and quite a lot of storage. And room for my sewing machine. It should have space for my dremel set up too, and it’s basically worthless without a glue gun holster. Maybe a cup holder.

Summer design project 1: Create that.

Oh studio, how I took you for granted!


I started my #fypcountdown project on Instagram back in February as a way of motivating myself to no more zero days on the work front. It didn’t entirely work but it has given me a pretty decent recording of what I did for the 100 days from 17/02 to 27/05/15. Not to mention provided me with the precious social media likes on which I base my worth as a human being. Today it ended.

Through the good days and the really, really bad ones #fypcountdown was a way of showing people outside of the PD bubble what the hell it is I do everyday. Which was nice when for the first three years of my degree it was all: “Why are you digging through the recycling?” “Why do you carry so many knives?” “Is that a creepshot of some guy buying coffee?” “Where are you going with all that glue?” “What did you break [disassemble, I disassemble things] NOW?” And they don’t even know about the weirder stuff that happened in studio, and they never will. What happens in studio stays in studio.

I kinda wanna start a new hashtag project, suggestions?

The full 100 days are on my Instagram (link in the side menu)

Wondering How I Spent 2 Years

In my CAO, I specifically chose courses that didn’t require it. In second year, I scraped a bit together to get my study abroad placement in NZ. But I’ve never sat down to put together a proper, professional, please-consider-hiring-me-so-that-I-don’t-starve PORTFOLIO.

The job, in my head would involve going through hundreds of pages and thousands of files to determine what I was most proud of. Not so.

It turns out all the work I’ve been bitching and moaning about since late 2011 may never have happened, because I’m coming out of college with not very much to show for it. My Final Year Project is is there in all its 200 sketch pages, 4GB of data glory, but that’s one project. I feel like a portfolio should be more than that.

The major project from first semester of third year is reasonably well recorded too, but  it’s like the first two years never happened. I have all the folders set up nicely, but they’re empty. I can’t even remember how we filled most of the time. I know I complained a lot about how busy I was…but was I?

Was I really no busier than any college student? Was I just being a whiny teenager? Am I still being a whiny post-teenager? Am I being melodramatic? Am I having an existential crisis? Can I ever come back from this?

My portfolio is now live on this site, please-consider-hiring-me-so-that-I-don’t-starve

Saying No to Adulthood

I currently finishing up a degree in product design, and for the first time in my life I don’t don’t know what comes next. 8 years of primary school, 6 years of secondary, 4 years of college… and there my life plan ends.

I possess neither the money nor the class required to take up my preferred career path as an it girl. What I do have is sarcasm, exceptional taste and a reasonable command of the English language. My cruel parents have informed me that I cannot swan around living parasitically off them forever, so I decided to take the tiniest step I could think of and start a blog. Unreasonable as they are I will probably have to get some kind of job anyway.

This is my life-quest to become a full time “swan around-er” (told you I was good at English). I intend to finance this quest through design and illustration work. If you would like anything designed or illustrated, let me know.