So Christmas break…

Class doesn’t start back until the 26th, but with an FYP to be doing you’re expected to use every second available to you. And I had intended to. Up until New Years Day, I SWORE to myself I would be back in the studio on Monday the 5th.

I arrived in Limerick on the evening of Tuesday the 6th, from there it took me until Thursday afternoon to drag myself into studio. Have I mentioned I live 90 seconds from the studio building? I literally have to walk across a car park. Anyway, I wandered in at half 12, tidied my desk and left an hour later.

I tried again today, making it in at the ungodly hour of 10am. Blaming the empty studios lack of energy for my lack of progress vis a vis process book, I left 3hrs later and totally feel like I earned the 5 episodes of Harpers Island I watched this afternoon.

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