Mane ‘n Tail

Second Monday of the month means its review time and I’ve been using a Mane ‘n Tail combo for about two months now. I should say that in those two months I’ve used less than half the bottles thanks to my complicated hair care routine and the crazy heat here, but I think I have enough info to work with.

Mane ‘n Tail is definitely not a new product, and was on my “to try” list for about a year before my running out of shampoo coordinated with a trip to the big-ass Boots in Cork city, but I finally got my hands on it and while it might not be a magic potion that warrants a year of longing, I’m not disappointed.

It’s a decent shampoo/conditioner that doesn’t smell of anything in particular and it’s not greasy or drying. The textures of both are weird, the shampoo is white pearlescent, and the conditioner is a comforting chemical yellow colour, obviously because it’s designed for horses,who I highly doubt worry about that sort of thing. I think this is a pro though, it gives the impression that it will do the job and hasn’t had a bunch of chemicals added for the sole purpose of making it “that pink colour you like”.

The Hair Strengthener I like, a quality leave-in is exactly what I needed coming out here and I honestly feel this stuff has saved me a lot of splits. Plus it smells (to me) like apple/cinnamon.

Of course one of Mane ‘n Tails big attraction is that it supposedly makes for faster hair growth. In the sense that it keeps the ends intact so you don’t lose half your growth, nothing you put on your head will make it start shooting out of your scalp. Now, I could tell that I feel like the Mane ‘n Tail is working, but I’m really not sure. I’m at the one month after bleaching stage where the centimetre of dark roots is unjustifiably making me feel like my hair is growing super fast anyway. I does feel in pretty condition though and like I said before, in the really drying weather here, it’s impressive.

Major drawback is that this stuff isn’t widely available in NZ, so once the bottle I brought with me is gone, it’s pretty much gone until July, but I will be buying more once I get home.

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