TU Delft

This week is the the Design field trip to the Netherlands. That I’m not on. And am totally not bitter about. I can get over missing out museums, the culture and even on flying, which I adore and generally never miss an opportunity to do.

However, mere hours ago, my darling class mates were here, with the plan to do a collaborative design project with our Dutch counterparts. Jealous. TU Delfts’ Industrial Design programme is the oldest and largest (according to their website) in the world, and is certainly one of the most respected. I’d love to see how we compare. It would also be a great opportunity to tour the campus before making a decision about ERASMUS.

Not really much else to say other than I’m spitting nails, so I shall leave you with this rather attractive bike by a graduate of 2009.wytze van mansum: cannondale dutchess

The Photoshop Masterpiece

As a wrap up to Design Visualisation, which I have to say has been one of my favourite modules ever, we’ve been assigned a short 3-week project to assess all of the skills we’ve learnt in the last 10 weeks. (By the way Design Vis. = Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop.)

The task is simple, redesign this:

 cable reel

…in the style of a given designer/design house. By the luck of the draw, I got Design Partners. Tricky, when they adjust their style to suit that of their client, but I think I’ve put together a style board with a clear set of characteristics, and I definitely have a colour scheme.

Design Partners Style Board
*Subject to editing – not due for another week