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In my attempt to blog recently, I’ve found myself pretty stuck for inspiration, so I’ve closed the laptop and walked away. This evening I decided I would sit down and not get up until I had posted. Turns out inspiration doesn’t take kindly to being forced, and with the whole internet in front of me, I didn’t stay on that blank “New Post” page for long. Inevitably, I found myself on reddit, my source for pretty much everything. It occurred to me that r/design is a thing, and instead of clicking through links and arbitrarily up-voting, I could be posting about this stuff, and so…

The top post in the design subreddit today is this. I don’t like the design itself, it’s too busy and completely loses it’s original meaning (in my opinion), it also doesn’t help that some of the renders, particularly on the car, look very dumped on. However it has inspired me and therefore served it’s purpose. Personal branding something I’ve always been interested in, and not very good at. I’d like have something that marks work as mine but I get bored with things and rework them too often to have any real trademark. My favourite colour is never the same two years running, it’s always blue but the shade changes dramatically (I was all about pastels when I was 8, then it got brighter until it was turquoise, now it’s sort of navy). Naming this blog was my first solid step, because unlike most things (unimportant things like my signature or my fundamental opinions on anything) I can’t change the URL without going to a certain amount of effort. I don’t like effort.

Practical Abstractions was a name born from accident, like all the best things are (where would you be without post-its, honestly?) and it has sort of inflicted an identity upon me, because my portfolio is here and transferring that would, again, be effort. For that I love it, I have to stick with it and now have a basis on which to build my personal brand.

I don’t really have a proper ending to this post but I have to stop because this is going nowhere and pretty soon I’m going to stop making sense to even myself.

And they all lived happily ever after. (If it works for Disney it works for me)

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